TTY On External Monitor

When utilizing my laptop computer in the house, I generally make use of an exterior display, key-board, and also computer mouse with my laptop computer is screen as a 2nd display. This is all conveniently set up making use of a wonderful GNOME energy that I thinks makes use of xrandr on the backend.

Occasionally I appreciate utilizing my computer system using a TTY. I would love to have the ability to switch to TTY1 (making use of ctrl+alt+f1) and also have the tty show up on my exterior display at the resolution of my exterior display. Instead, it generally either shows up on simply my laptop computer screen, or on both displays yet at the resolution of my laptop computer is screen.

Exists anyhow to do this flawlessly on Ubuntu 10.10?

(I'm presuming no matter, yet I've set it such that screen launches instantly from ~/.profile).

2019-05-13 05:37:18
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Here is a Google Doc with the proper web links. No tried and tested remedies, yet below are some suggestions:

The bit framebuffer attracts the console if there is no X11. Probably you can exclude the 2nd display screen from you X config?

I assume the means to go ( assume due to the fact that I have not done this myself, I such as the complete screen term) is to configure your exterior display as a different framebuffer. Currently you'll have one fb for the console and also one for X11.

I have actually located numerous con2fb, which maps a tty to a framebuffer, something like "con2fb/ dev/fb2/ dev/tty5" yet can not locate where to download it. An additional follower had a comparable search and also the resource is uploaded here.

Additionally look into this doc, specifically 14.9 and also this multihead howto that both discribe con2fb.

Im reasoning you could after that take turns sending out a tty to/ dev/fb2 or expanding your desktop computer ... possibly xrandr?

An additional means to attempt can be a multiseat set up. This commonly has different numerous kb and also computer mouse for each and every display screen, yet you could make use of Synergy2, and also exterior kvm button, personalized config with hotkeys? xorg xfree

2019-05-17 22:33:54