Iphone 4G Wifi Password Issues

I lately changed my cordless router from Verizon. I maintained all the setups the same, and also all the various other cordless tools in my residence get in touch with no worry (a computer, mac, ipad, etc). Nonetheless, my iphone is incapable to connect. It appropriately recognizes the wifi network, and also I'm motivated to enter my password. Yet despite the fact that I've gotten in the password appropriately numerous times, it constantly returns "password wrong".

2019-05-13 05:38:38
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You can attempt this:

Go to Settings - > usual - > reset (near the bottom). On the next screen you can pick which setups you desire to reset. Pick "Network setups".

I think the saved setups are removed currently, and also after a re - connect the link needs to function.

2019-05-17 19:00:09