How to set alarm system for all calendar occasions synced from Google account android

I made use of to utilize my occasions in Google Calendar for advising me of my occasions via SMS signals earlier (when I had a straightforward mobile). Currently I've obtained those synced up in my Android 2.1 (Samsung Galaxy 3 Apollo) and also I would certainly like it to advise me of my occasions by alarm system as opposed to SMSes. Is this feasible?

2019-05-13 05:39:19
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Using supply Calendar applications, you can Press "Menu Button" > Tap "More" > Tap "Settings" > Tap "Set Alerts & Notifications" to set the phone to call for each and every suggestion you've set for each and every occasions.


The supply calendar symbol:

press "Menu", after that touch on "More":

faucet "Settings:

faucet "Set signals & notifications":

faucet on "Alert" :

This gets on Calendar variation 7 on 2.1 - eclair Samsung Spica

2019-05-18 10:01:31

I think you can arrangement something with Tasker.

Create a new occasion, based off of state - - > "Calendar Entry".

After that create a job based off of it to signal an audio for you or show a dialog or whatever you require for it to do.

2019-05-17 19:25:53
  1. Log on to Google Calendar Online via internet internet browser (I did this on COMPUTER. Not exactly sure if these actions are readily available on mobile calendar website).
  2. Most likely to Settings > Calendar Settings > Calenders > Click Notification versus your details Calendar.
  3. Remove suggestion for SMS and also add Reminder for Pop Up.

By the above actions, whenever a new occasion is added - line, it will certainly set an alarm alert for it on mobile when synced.

For currently developed occasion, transform the alert for each and every occasion to Pop Up via internet internet browser.

2019-05-17 01:15:08