Whenever I type some incorrect command, my terminal shots to run that command behind-the-scenes

Something weird began taking place to my terminal. Whenever I type some incorrect command it attempts to run that command behind-the-scenes.

[email protected]: ~# l   
[9]+  Stopped   l  
[email protected]: ~# fdsl  

[10]+  Stopped                 fdsl  

What could be the concern?


After reactivating the system the concern is addressed. Yet I am still interested what created this concern. I assume it needs to do something with command_not_found_handle shell function. While searching for the command, it was doing something unusual.

2019-05-04 03:08:30
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That seems like the command-not-found hook was breaking down for one reason or another. I've had troubles with it in the past, yet never ever can identify just how to repair it :-/.

2019-05-07 19:56:13