Android 2.2 - How to see applications that go for start - up

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How can I prevent applications from running on startup?


Is it feasible to see which applications are readied to go for start-up? As an example, the boneheads at Yahoo made the Android Messenger to make sure that it begins on Android Start - up, yet give no other way of stopping this practices. They constantly do this sort of cheats ...

Anyway, exists type of an msconfig as in Windows?


2019-05-13 05:40:45
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There is an application called Startup Cleaner (Free). Start-up Cleaner does not call for origin, nonetheless similar to Saiboogu claimed, you can not in fact protect against application from launching without rooting. Start-up Cleaner register itself at boot time, and afterwards eliminates applications that you intend to protect against from launching at boot time ; and also after time it eliminates itself.

2019-05-18 11:13:14

I do not recognize of a free remedy, though there might be one.

I do recognize of Autostarts, presently simply under 1 USD, a respectable rate in my point of view. It offers you a checklist of applications that have actually affixed themselves to various occasions in the Android OS (I'm not an Android designer, my phrasing is most likely incorrect there). You can after that pick to disable that organization without in fact getting rid of or disabling the application. For your Yahoo start-up instance - - With Autostarts you can stop it from releasing on start-up, yet it will certainly still come for you to go for your recreation later.

Forgot to state - this does call for origin. A little looking appears to validate that there is no other way to disable start-up applications without origin - your only alternative because instance would certainly be uninstalling them.

I additionally located a hand-operated procedure that I've never ever directly attempted - - You can do what Autostarts does by releasing some covering commands (ADB or Terminal Emulator application).

su pm disable <package name>/<package name>.<activity name>

I think that would certainly convert to something like:

su pm disable

But I've never ever attempted this myself.

2019-05-17 19:27:05