How to position an application on the 2nd display with outstanding - wm?

I lately obtained a 2nd display at the workplace and also intend to set up all with my window - supervisor : outstanding. I face a trouble to place some applications on a tag on a screen. As an example, I have a regulation for urxvt to place it right into tag one on the first screen:

              { rule = { class = "URxvt" },
                                     properties = { tag = tags[1][1] }

That functions penalty as lengthy my computer mouse - arrow gets on the first display. If I relocate my arrow onto the 2nd screen and also start an instance of urxvt, it will certainly be positioned right into the real tag on the 2nd display. Very same, if I set up the application for an tag on the 2nd screen, when it does not function if my computer mouse - arrow gets on the first screen.

Just how can I repair this?

2019-05-13 05:41:56
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This relies on the variation of outstanding you are making use of:

outstanding 1.x

Set the screen variable in the regulation:

{ rule =
    { class = "URxvt" },
    properties = { tag = tags[1][1] },
    screen = 1

outstanding 2.x

Set the screen building on the customer in the hook_manage function:

if c.class == "URxvt" then
    awful.client.movetotag(tags[1][1], c)
    c.screen = 1

It shows up from your code example that you are making use of outstanding 1.x ; as a sidenote, 1.x is currently actually old, so you could intend to check into updating to 2.x, which makes use of Lua as opposed to a personalized configuration layout

2019-05-17 19:56:53