Avoid mobile variation of YouTube

For some factor, either Vodafone UK or YouTube assume they are smarter than my very own needs and also are frequently rerouting my phone to make use of the mobile variation of YouTube.

This would certainly be great, other than whenever I click a straight video clip link from elsewhere on the internet (also from Google results that I obtained making use of the phone itself) I get unwinded to the mobile variation is index web page, without aid to find what I was initially attempting to see!

This also takes place when I click the "Desktop" link on either my phone or Chrome via cordless hotspotting, and also it is exceptionally bothersome - specifically via Chrome as that need to be the customer representative being "identified", if anything - tool nonpartisanship any person?!

If any person recognizes at what degree this is taking place and/or just how to stop it, that would certainly be substantially valued.

2019-05-13 05:42:35
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Have you set the default activity for youtube web links to the internet browser? You might require to reset it (Settings - - > Applications - - > Manage Applications - - > application - - > "Clear Defaults") to make sure that you can pick the Youtube application when intending to watch a Youtube video clip.

2019-05-17 19:24:24