Using a Magic Trackpad and also a USB computer mouse at the very same time

I recognize that the Magic Trackpad is bad for a couple of points (I directly do not such as trackpads as a whole way too much when I'm on a laptop computer). I often tend to start seeking a computer mouse. (18 years of mousing about might be way too much for my old mind).

Nonetheless, there are particular features of the Magic Trackpad, that can be convenient which are basically difficult with a computer mouse. I do not such as the Magic Mouse due to the fact that you have to raise your "left switch click finger" to execute an appropriate click. (I've attempted it for some time).

So I was assuming, has any person attached a Magic Trackpad and also a USB computer mouse at the very same time, is it feasible to have both (and also functioning) and also relocate the hand to either when required?

Any person experienced this?

2019-05-13 05:45:08
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Yes, this jobs. I have a Magic Trackpad and also a Logitech MX Revolution (cordless, via a USB dongle) attached to my Mac at the very same time and also adjustment in between them at will. Have actually never ever had any kind of troubles with this arrangement - I also utilize it both in the house and also at the workplace.

2019-05-17 19:12:44