How do I pick in between Unix/ Linux and also Windows in a Server setting?

I require a web server, and also I'm made use of to windows in the house and also in the workplace, yet it appears that Unix/ Linux is an alternative, yet I do not actually recognize what it is. I do not recognize which one to get, just how do I pick? What sort of inquiries do I require to ask my host (if relevant)? my system managers? my designers? exists anything else I should recognize?

2019-05-13 05:45:56
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The most vital inquiry to ask:

Do you have experience with Linux web servers?

If the solution is NO throughout the board, after that select Windows web server. In this instance upkeep prices will certainly surpass licensing prices.

2019-05-17 19:42:19

Ask your designers what language you require to be making use of, this is the most integral part. Not all languages work with Unix and also Windows.

Take the language details to your Host, and also inquire what setting it is sustained in. You, additionally, require to ask your host whether the Sever will certainly be Managed or Unmanaged . Taken care of methods if you have any kind of web server troubles the Host will certainly repair them for you, if you place in a ticket with assistance (my $dayjob). Unmanaged methods you get on your very own. In the Managed circumstance, you will certainly get some sort of internet user interface control board, such as cPanel or Plesk.

If you are unmanaged, you need to have real used system managers, inquire what they desire. Or you require to be able to be a system manager on your own.

If both windows, and also *nix become ideal for your demands, select the less costly of the 2, if they both set you back the very same, figure out what the admins (consisting of the ones at the host) recognize far better, or which division (windows or *nix) has even more admins.

2019-05-17 19:39:30