Installing OpenJDK on a Netbsd Sparc64 Server

I am presently working with a task that entails running the lift structure on a sunlight sparc64 style. As a result of minimal assistance from even more preferred unix distros, I am running NetBSD 64 - little bit on the system.

Prior to i can also take on attempting to install lift, I need to have the ability to install java on this system. I located that OpenJDK is what I need to be making use of. Via all my excavating, I can not appear to get a straight solution on compatibility or installment for this details arrangement. Additionally if i am to locate a suitable variation, what sort of course am I to absorb regards to installment (i.e. pkg_add, pksrc or assembling the code myself) Can any person beam a light on the subject or am I simply on a fruitless to no place?

2019-05-13 05:46:27
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