GNOME - keyring KWallet assimilation?

I make use of some GNOME applications, and also some KDE applications, so several of them make use of G - keyring and also some KWallet ... What I would love to have is a solitary area for taking care of passwords.

Exists a means to incorporate G - keyring and also KWallet? Or exists possibly a means to compel GNOME applications to make use of KWallet or KDE applications to make use of G - keyring? OR exists possibly a means to compel them all to make use of KeePassX or something comparable (automaticaly utilizing it after getting in the master password) ...?

2019-05-13 05:47:20
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I located this

One aggravation of the free desktop computer currently is making use of inappropriate systems for saving delicate customer information such as passwords. Every internet internet browser might have its very own password store and also any person making use of both KDE and also Gnome applications will likely need to open both KWallet and also Gnome Keyring in every desktop computer session.
Michael Leupold offered a cooperation in between KDE and also Gnome to create a unified criterion for saving keys. The purpose is that KDE and also Gnome applications will certainly both have the ability to share an usual keys style yet still have different visual user interfaces.
A KDE customer will certainly exist with a KDE user interface if they require to unlock an account in Empathy (the Gnome split second messaging application) while a Gnome customer will certainly see a Gnome user interface for password monitoring also if they favor to talk making use of KDE is Kopete. It is additionally wished that the criterion will certainly bring in the assistance of various other suppliers, such as Mozilla.

this appears older, yet could be a link to the actual project?

After having actually meant it every now and then, I can ultimately happily introduced that we (GNOME Keyring+KDE Wallet) took care of to start a joint task with the objective of developing an usual framework (or even more practically : method) for taking care of passwords and also various other secret values.
2019-05-17 20:03:22