Unable to uninstall Wine applications

I lately ran the iTunes 10 installer in Wine and also every little thing appeared to work out. After that, when I attempted to run it, it would frequently crash/and the look would certainly be glitchy. After considering the Wine internet site, it ends up that iTunes 10 has a 'waste' ranking of Wine compatability.

Currently I'm attempting to remove/uninstall iTunes, QuickTime, and also the various other applications that come default with mounting iTunes (such as Bonjour, etc). Nonetheless, when I run the 'uninstaller' that wine attends to the programs, it rather implements what shows up to in fact be the initial installer! I've attempted removing all the configuration/data files in my Wine is documents - system, yet fruitless.

Any kind of aid is substantially valued!

Edit1 : After re - running the uninstall procedure and afterwards restarting, the program (iTunes 10) still continued to be mounted.

2019-05-13 05:48:21
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Wine applications usually leave a great deal of scrap, as an example, food selection things over.doc files after mounting Microsoft Office. To remove it, you need to:

rm .local/share/applications/wine-extension-*

To remove food selection access you need to modify:


And, appropriate click documents you intend to remove negative food selection access from, and also pick Properties. On the 4th tab you can delete unneeded access.

2019-05-17 19:58:07