How to remove KDE and also XFCE applications from GNOME menu?

I mounted kubuntu-desktop and also xubuntu-desktop over the default Ubuntu 10.10.

I intend to unclutter the menu, to make sure that applications pertaining to a certain desktop computer show up in menu just throughout their corresponding sessions. (i.e., No KDE and also XFCE applications in menu throughout Ubuntu GNOME session. In a similar way in KDE and also XFCE sessions.)

Just how can this be done using command line? (I intend to find out points the command - line means.)
Should I backup anything prior to I do this?

Bonus Information :
I googled and also located this and also various other remedies in discussion forums, yet these address just the KDE on GNOME circumstance. Probably this can be changed to include XFCE too, yet I could not identify just how to do it.

I have additionally go across - uploaded at askubuntu.

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The code to show something just in XFCE adheres to the very same suggestion:


Unfortunately, regarding I recognize, the means XFCE shops it is.desktop files coincides as the GNOME shops them, whereas KDE shops them in a different folder (within/ usr/share/applications). This is why the splitting up of KDE/GNOME, as defined in the blog post you link to, is a lot easier to do en - mass.

All the files are saved in/ usr/share/applications. The layout of them is really straightforward, and also you can replicate any kind of among them to/ home/you/. local/share/applications and also it will certainly bypass that menu access for that customer so you can extra conveniently modify them without requiring origin advantages.

There is no straightforward means to different XFCE applications from GNOME, specifically given that it is usually an issue of point of view what you intend to see. This additionally goes with KDE, given that as lengthy as you have the KDE collections Dolphin or Konqueror will certainly run in GNOME. I intend if you are bent on making use of the cmd line you can think of some grep/sed scrap to uniquely locate and also change message inside certain.desktop files, yet I thnk the most convenient means would certainly be to replicate the files to ~/. local/share/applications so they do not get overwritten by updates and also modify them by hand. Unless you've obtained a billions points mounted it should not be also hard.

The menu functions under the requirements, which you can discover more concerning below:

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For Ubuntu 10.10 and also older launches

All your choices will certainly be conserved inside the .gconf folder in xml documents ; you can by hand modify those, or make use of the GUI user interface, gconf-editor. The correct means to remove is to make use of System - > Preferences - > Main menu or the command alacarte

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