Mount samba filesystem right into RHEL 5.5

I have a test RHEL variation for an evidence of principle where I was asked to mount a home windows filesystem right into linux.

I attempted

mount -t smbfs -o username=samba,password=samba //Desktop/Public /mnt/public

But it offers me:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'

I are familiar with I require samba - customer to do this.

Inquiry. After implementing

rpm -qa 'samba*'

This is what I get:


Does it suggest I have samba - customer currently? If so, what do I require to to to mount the home windows share?

A person recommended me to attempt : yum -install samba-client yet given that this is a test variation, I'm not registered for RHN and also can not get the upgrade. Just how else can I install the customer?

Last inquiry, if I can not do this, am I able to still mount as an example various other RHEL? (just how is that called? normal mount or somthing?)

Many thanks beforehand

2019-05-13 05:54:08
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You do not require samba - customer for that. What you require is the smbfs or cifs kernel component. smbfs is deprecated and also need to not be made use of (unless you can not make use of cifs for one reason or another. as an example your circulation is also old or probably you are attempting to connect to a Win95 box or something.)


# lsmod | grep cifs
# modprobe cifs
# lsmod | grep cifs
cifs                  279398  0 
# grep cifs /proc/filesystems
nodev   cifs

Then attempt with mount -t cifs ... as stated by Gilles.

If that does not function, you can access the files making use of smbclient (as an example) as opposed to placing the filesystem. smbclient remains in the samba - customer and also offers you a user interface comparable to a command line FTP customer.

To "mount [ ... ] various other RHEL", there are numerous alternatives. You can make use of NFS (in which instance you would certainly need to set up an NFS web server on the equipment you intend to mount.) An additional opportunity is sshfs, in which instance all you require on the web server is an SSH web server, yet the customer will certainly require sshfs, which requires fuse. I do not recognize if RHEL 5.5 sustains fuse. It would certainly additionally be feasible to set up Samba on the various other RHEL box and afterwards mount making use of mount -t cifs ... as if it were a Windows box.

2019-05-19 14:45:30