Monitor will not present at indigenous resolution.

Whenever i connect my display to my laptop computer, it will not present the video at the indigenous resolution in Ubuntu, yet my display functions great and also does both in Windows 7!

In Ubuntu it simply offers me red stripes and also the photo "dancings, so if i lower the resolution of the display, video presents simply great. I've attempted the display on my Netbook and also it functions. Both the Netbook and also my Laptop i'm attaching to have an Intel "GMA 950 graphics card".

I've attempted Kubuntu, Arch Linux, Mint, and also Fedora and also they all have the very same concern, pertaining to the display resolution, whereas it remains to function great in Windows 7.

2019-05-13 05:54:38
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Try establishing a lower regularity and/or updating drivers. I've made use of to have this trouble with old (approximately this July) vehicle drivers and also the workaround was to set an exterior display to 60 Hz (by default it was set up to 75 Hz). While decreasing resolution as you do is not a positive remedy, decreasing regularity generally makes no noticeable distinction unless you make use of a CRT display.

2019-12-03 01:50:42