Unity does not present effectively

Ubuntu Unity on the Ubuntu netbook version mounts without a trouble yet when I visit however, where the panels are, there is simply empty location with a darkness result design point on it. I can open applications yet the Window switches and also the international food selection are not visable.

Does this mean that I can not make use of Unity. I'm running it via Wubi on a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop computer.

My complete ammount of graphics memory is 831MB My committed memory is 128MB.

The weird point is is that Windows Aero presents without a trouble so why exists a trouble with Unity

Hope this aids


2019-05-13 05:55:44
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This is a bug. Please report it the programmers by pushing Alt+F2, getting in ubuntu-bug unity and also adhering to the guidelines. You could intend to link to this inquiry in your bug record to offer the programmers even more details.

2019-05-31 07:13:04