Just how to deal with establishing Android display screen illumination to 0%

I have a Windows Mobile phone (HTC Tilt 2) and also place Android on it (on the SD card just). When I was tampering some things I mistakenly set the display screen illumination of Android to 0%. So currently absolutely nothing will ever before turn up on my screen.How can I repair this without doing a tidy install of Android?

2019-05-07 07:57:02
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Is it the instance that you can not see anything, or is it simply actually, actually dark presently? The majority of LCD displays will certainly show something faintly, also without a backlight, if you can get them in the appropriate light.

If you can see something after that the most convenient means to transform the brighten (if you're making use of Android 1.6 npls) is to add the Power Control widget to the residence screen and afterwards touch the much - right switch on the Power Control Bar, this need to transform the illumination to fifty percent and afterwards complete, and also you need to have the ability to reach the remainder of your settings after that.

2019-05-09 01:14:33