Can I connect to WEP-secured MyWi network from iPhoDroid?

The other day, I mounted Froyo on my iPhone 3G with iPhoDroid. I'm attempting to connect to the WiFi making use of MyWi on my jailbroken iPhone 4 yet the network isn't noticeable in all. The network is WEP safeguarded. That's not a trouble with Android is it? I see great deals of unsafe networks around, yet I'm at job and also they're throughout proxies anyhow, to make sure that would not function. Any person have any kind of understanding on this? I'm entirely new to Android so this is amazing to me!

2019-05-07 07:59:10
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Have you examined whether the network is relaying its SSID? If it isn't after that your phone will not locate it and also the network will not show up in the checklist. You can enter the network information by hand by entering into the Wi - Fi settings (under Wireless and also network on my 2.1 phone), after that clicking Add Wi - Fi network (at the end of the Wi - Fi networks area), after that getting in the network's SSID.

If you're currently doing this and also the network isn't being included, it might be that the router has actually limited the customer tools that can connect to it. In this instance you'll need to make use of a customer with a well-known link and also change the settings to permit your phone. You can commonly add the MAC address to a whitelist. You can commonly locate your phone's MAC address under Settings - > About phone - > Status - > Wi - Fi MAC address

2019-05-09 01:18:57