What network settings are best for Counter-Strike: Resource after the upgrade?

After the upgrade my kpd has actually dropped and also I was asking yourself if several of the settings want tweaking. I am obtaining a lag spike most rounds and also reg does show up even worse than common.

I have:

  • cl_interp = 0.045
  • cl_cmdrate = 66
  • cl_updaterate = 66

I have actually switched off HDR and also transformed every visuals putting down.

Exist far better settings that I could make use of, for basic use a really energetic web server (20-50 gamers)?

2019-05-04 03:10:30
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Seeing as no - one has actually addressed this inquiry until now, I'll attempt.

First off, I would not recommend horning in cvars to relieve lag. Shutoff has actually functioned rather hard on their networking code, and also transforming their defaults will generally just make the trouble even worse.

Do you have ping lag or graphics lag? If it's the previous first remove all the key suspects, a person making use of the link, or simply attempt a web server more detailed to you.

If it's graphics delay you could intend to attempt obtaining a far better computer system if you have such lag with every setup on reduced.

2019-05-10 15:44:36