I'm new to SetCPU on Moto Droid and also require aid

I'm running rooted supply Android 2.2 on a Motorola Droid. I was wishing various other customers of the application can offer me some suggestions.

First inquiry: whats the most effective underclock establishing for an excellent equilibrium in between performance and also longer battery life? Just how much longer battery life is it offering you generally?

2nd inquiry: I informed it to autodetect the phone and also I can appear to just overclock to 800mhz. Just how do I overclock to 1ghz. Just how high can I/should I overclock? I'm just overclocking when I play psx4droid.

3rd inquiry: any kind of advised accounts to arrangement?

Many thanks!

2019-05-07 08:03:34
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  1. That's mosting likely to rely on just how much you're utilizing it throughout the day, I would certainly claim start at 700 and also relocate around till it really feels smooth for you.

  2. I would not push the phone that high, first it's mosting likely to get too hot rather promptly, which can completely block your phone. Also 800 is mosting likely to be harsh on it so I would not leave it up that high for long.

  3. I've obtained an eris (Did a little checking out, and also the Droid CPU is evaluated 550Mhz whereas the Eris is evaluated 528Mhz as reference factors) so this is mosting likely to be a little various than what you've obtained, yet below's my accounts so you can fine-tune as required.

Temperature > 36.9 C 528Mhz/160Mhz Priority : 100 (This is the failsafe setup, if the phone get's also warm it'll reduce the CPU rate so the phone can cool and also protect against any kind of damages)

Charging/Full 729Mhz/528Mhz Priority : 80 (If the phone is connected in, it can run a little tougher, yet I additionally do not utilize my phone a lot when it's connected in)

Battery < 100% 710Mhz/528Mhz Priority : 50 (This is the regular usage setup, which maintains the phone relocating efficiently, yet does not get also warm)

The most vital point is that you have actually scaling readied to ondemand. This will certainly transform the cpu down if it's not being made use of. Therefore, on the last setup, it is really hardly ever at 710Mhz and also is frequently listed below 550Mhz.

2nd to bear in mind is not to set the minimum also reduced, or the phone will certainly have problem awakening from rest. You'll require to do a little excavating around to figure out what the excellent minutes is for the android, yet I would certainly believe over 160 Mhz would certainly be secure for you.

Those need to cover most bases, at bare minimum add the failsafe account to make sure that you do not shed your phone.

2019-05-09 01:16:45