Just how can I install Voice Search on Cyanogen 6 RC3

Whenever I attempt to install Voice Search I get "install fallen short" mistake in the alert bar. Apparently it has something to do with trademarks yet I recognize far better than to ask Cyanogen concerning it. Any kind of suggestions?

2019-05-07 08:03:55
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I detected this suggestions on the blog post on the Google Mobile Blog introducing the new Voice Actions. At the very least someone in the remarks asserted success.

Simply run the adhering to commands to uninstall the old system applications if you make use of a personalized rom.

adb remount

adb covering rm/ system/app/GoogleQuickSearchBox. apk

adb uninstall com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox

adb covering rm/ system/app/VoiceSearch. apk

adb uninstall com.google.android.voicesearch

Then they will certainly install simply great from Market (from the United States Market). MarketAccess readied to TMO United States will certainly permit you to locate them.

2019-05-09 01:07:26