Different quantity degree for speaker-phone setting?

My phone (a Samsung Vibrant, also known as T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy S) has a solitary quantity degree for both the speaker-phone and also regular settings. I such as to have it up high if I'm making use of speaker-phone setting and also much less deafening when I'm holding the mobile phone to my ear. This creates some troubles when I make use of a various setting from the previous call.

Exists any kind of means that I can have a different quantity degree for both moduses operandi?

2019-05-07 08:04:44
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Boy, different quantity controls for the audio speaker and also earpiece would certainly serve, would not they?

You can possibly do what you desire with Tasker. It allows you regulate all sort of setups on the phone based upon occasions. (Some ideas from Lifehacker.)

2019-05-09 01:10:31