Facebook "share link" attribute attribute for Blogger, Google Buzz, or various other Blogs?

Facebook has a wonderful share attribute to share web links.

When I share a link on Facebook, I paste a URL right into the standing box (The box which claims "What's on your mind?"). Facebook will instantly inhabit my blog post with a some intriguing message from the write-up and also a photo thumbnail from the write-up. I like this, due to the fact that it conserves me time and also gives an intriguing photo to the visitors.

As an example, if I paste http://flowingdata.com/2010/06/10/context-to-underwater-depths right into the standing box on Facebook, the application will certainly recognize this is a URL, order some message from the write-up, and also create a thumbnail of the photo. I can usually pick in between numerous thumbnails. If I after that struck the 'Share' switch, the message and also thumbnail will certainly be uploaded as an access to my account.

Exists a comparable attribute which I can make use of for my blog organized on Blogger?

I've attempted numerous various approaches to reproduce this attribute. I'm attempting to upload to my blog on Blogger or on Google Buzz making use of Google's "BlogThis!" bookmarklet, and also Google Toolbar 'Share' switch. Nonetheless, these devices simply prepopulate the blog post with a straightforward link. There is no photo thumbnail, no pertinent message from the write-up, and so on

2019-05-04 03:14:30
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What facebook makes use of is called oEmbed - there is an oEmbed plugin for wordpress, and also it should not be extremely tough to create one for blog owner.

On top of that, if you require greater than the websites that formally sustain oEmbed, you can attempt oohEmbed, which sustains a long checklist of websites.

2019-05-10 06:19:56

Just for enjoyable I did a tiny device for doing what you desire. It can be accessed below :


as an example :


It is absence of attributes, and also requires job yet if you like where all this is going, I can boost it the application for a javascript or blog owner plugin. Simply allow me recognize.

2019-05-08 20:10:22