Dell mistake code 0141 - No drive identified

Has any person seen the mistake code 0141 and also it isn't a fallen short hard drive? I'm presuming the electric motor or board fell short on the drive, yet I would certainly favor if there is an opportunity the motherboard or controller fell short rather. The factor I'm asking is due to the fact that I do not have a usb/sata adapter and also wonder if there's also a demand to get one.

2019-05-07 08:15:40
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Answers: 2

I'm not exactly sure concerning the mistake code, "drive not identified" can be a variety of troubles, consisting of the controller.

You can attempt some troubleshooting by relocating the drive to an additional controller/computer and also seeing if it functions. Or, placed a well-known functioning drive in the unsuccessful system and also see if it functions.

If the drive does not operate in an additional system (or a new drive jobs), you recognize it's the drive. Otherwise, after that wagers need to get on the controller or motherboard. This is, certainly, thinking you have accessibility to an additional system.

Additionally, have you attempted reseating the drive and/or getting rid of various other drives (CD, saggy) affixed?

2019-05-11 23:12:38

This struck me after a negative firmware upgrade of the hard drive. It primarily suggests the computer system, for whatever factor, is not obtaining a comeback from the hard drive. It is greater than most likely its the drive, or the drives controller, and also not the motherboard.

2019-05-11 23:11:00