Linux documents system

What are the conventions for documents areas in Linux? Until now I've taken care of to reason:

/ proc (referrals to running procedures)

/ dev (referrals to all equipment)

/ etc (arrangement documents)

/ residence (residence)

/ mnt (placed tools)

/ media (detachable tools like CDs, USB disks)

... yet various other components are still vague, as an example:

Where do I place downloaded and install resource?

/ usr/src

/ usr/local/src

Where do I place assembled programs?

/ container

/ usr/bin

/ usr/local/bin

What is the distinction in between / container and also / sbin?

Just how do the circulations vary?

I become aware these are not one inquiry, yet presumably to me they need to all be addressed with each other. With any luck others are additionally perplexed.

2019-05-07 08:22:22
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/ usr/local/ is for software program that was assembled on this system. It's comparable to/ usr/, simply that it had not been mounted from plans.

/ sbin/ vs/ container/ (and also/ usr/sbin/ vs/ usr/bin) : s represent superuser. Programs that regular customers should not respect and also usually should not have approval to run

2019-05-09 02:40:01

You could intend to read the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard ; it's a valuable reference.

Your residence directory site is where a lot of that need to go. Act you're not the sysadmin ; act you're yet an additional individual with an account on the system. Within your residence directory site, as an example /home/pufferfish, you can do whatever you desire. /home/pufferfish/bin, /home/pufferfish/lib, and also /home/pufferfish/src are all standard selections, yet none of it actually matters .

For assembled programs, whichever directory/directories you make use of, see to it it/they is/are on the PATH to make sure that you can in fact run them without keying in the manuscript or executable's whole course.

The circulations do not actually vary a lot. I've located that the plan supervisor on one could install binaries in /usr/bin, while some collections might go in other places, and also an additional system could install points in yet an additional area. I usually need to do some study to locate where points go each time.

2019-05-09 02:22:30

Its so takes place that there is a criterion in the Unix - like OS globe called the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard that clarifies the most effective techniques that the majority of Unix suppliers adhere to. Its an excellent read and also well worth looking at if you invest much time in *nix settings.

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Answers to your inquiries:

Both/ usr/src and also/ usr/local/src job. Your selection. Simply maintain corresponds.

/ container is for called for commands for customers. I would certainly NOT position personalized binaries there.

/ sbin is for system binaries (generally sysadmin things). It has things for starting and also fs utils.

/ usr/bin is where the majority of customer regulates real-time and also you will generally locate that the majority of Linux plan monitoring systems position binaries or at the very least symlinks to binaries below.

/ usr/local/bin is refuge to place you're very own assembled code that is one-of-a-kind to that equipment.

2019-05-09 02:19:59

Maybe you need to have a look at these :

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