Contacts on Android: Delete restriction went beyond

A couple of days ago I removed every one of my Android contacts (making use of the "Delete Contacts" application). Not a blunder, I actually intend to delete them.

From that day, Android constantly reveals an alert "Sync: Way too many contacts deletes".
When I click it, a food selection comes:

Delete limit exceeded
There are 3960 deleted items for contacts, account [email protected] What would you like to do?
- Delete the items.
- Undo the deletes.
- Do nothing for now.

When I click Delete the items, the food selection goes away, and also absolutely nothing appears to take place. The contacts are gone yet the alert still rests there. It has actually resembled this for days. What should I do?

2019-05-07 08:23:46
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Answers: 2

Your phone is connected to your Gmail account? If you log right into your account in an internet internet browser and also click "Contacts" in the lower left, does it still show your deleted contacts there? If you can repair the checklist there, it should (?) sync to your phone.

2019-05-09 01:52:28

This took place to my better half's phone also, yet I do not bear in mind specifically just how she repaired it. I assume what she did was disable call sync, after that most likely to Gmail on the internet and also delete all the contacts from there, after that re - enable call sync on her phone.

2019-05-09 01:50:25