Why does the alarm on my HTC Desire not function appropriately?

I have arrangement 3 alarm systems on my HTC Desire (running criterion 2.1 with Sense).

  1. Mo, Tu, We, Fr @ 05:45
  2. Th @ 05:30
  3. Sa @ 07:00

They are set as duplicating alarm systems and also the phone presents the little clock icon in the leading right edge showing that an alarm is energetic.

I have actually been running the phone with DeskClock turned on each evening and also this additionally claims that there is an alarm energetic for 05:45 the next early morning. Nonetheless I have actually seen it (with it not benefiting some weird and also peculiar factor I am awakening prior to the alarm goes off) and also at the time the alarm is set for absolutely nothing takes place.

Can any person lost some light on this? My better half has a HTC Hero that is additionally running 2.1 and also her's seems functioning appropriately.

I additionally have ATK that is running and also is set to auto-kill running applications and also I have actually been asking yourself if this is the reason, nonetheless this does not eliminate the DeskClock application that is running so I am not exactly sure if it matters.

2019-05-07 08:26:46
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When you set the alarm, select the alarm audio that you such as best, at the very same time turn on the quantity control. I had a comparable trouble with my HTC Hero prior to I became aware that the quantity control had actually someohow been readied to its minimum. I have to emphasize that the quantity has to be turned on whilst picking the called for audio. Hope this aids.

2019-05-16 20:01:15

I had great deals of troubles with this myself, as you recommend my taskkiller was shutting it down, on transforming an alarm establishing it would certainly draw back up. You need to have the ability to push and also hang on a job in innovative job awesome and also inform it to overlook the alarm job. This appears to have actually sufficed for me anyhow.

2019-05-09 02:01:56

You are absolutely not the just one with alarm concerns. Look into this list of defects related to the alarm on the concern tracker for Android OS. However it feels like the signs and symptoms differ relying on a great deal of variables or do not appear to be regular at a look.

The signs and symptoms you defined for the HTC Desire running 2.1 are EXACTLY what I experience. Amusing point is ... I have an HTC Hero running 2.1 (like your better half's)! I can additionally inform you that the alarm made use of to work with my HTC Hero prior to updating from 1.5 to Eclair.

I do have a workaround that operated in my instance that you could intend to attempt :

I located that the alarm was not going off if the phone is not linked into a battery charger. As soon as I began leaving it on the battery charger during the night it functions 100% of the moment for me. If this does not benefit you, or probably you currently leave it on the battery charger and also it still does not function, I would certainly recommend doing some study on the issue tracker. If absolutely nothing there appears to aid possibly enter a new concern to bring it to the Android group's focus.

2019-05-09 02:00:49