Android phone shed, what information can I get onto new phone?

Sorry concerning the awkward inquiry.

My Android HTC Magic was lost/stolen last evening. I had an unlock swipe code, power-on SIM code and also have actually called the communications provider and also had it obstructed, so not also worried concerning the phone itself being made use of by somebody else.

What I am thinking of is when I get a new phone, what data/info can I come back conveniently as I can not simply replicate it from the old phone currently? Clearly GMail/Contacts/Calendar are all saved on the internet, any kind of acquired applications are connected to my Market login, and also I'm not worried concerning images, songs etc that got on the SD card.

What I'm extra worried concerning are my choices, setups, SMS messages, checklist of mounted applications, prefs, information from those applications, and so on. Are those all gone?

Addendum: I was considering rooting the phone, so did take a typical Nandroid backup a week ago that I have a duplicate of on my COMPUTER, if I get a the same version of phone and also restore that, will my information return? Additionally what takes place if I attempt to restore that onto a various version of phone (I'm thinking negative points would certainly take place)?

2019-05-07 08:31:10
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As long as you really did not transform these attributes off, merely including the very same Google account you made use of on the old phone to the new phone will certainly restore a great deal of your information.

Backed up :

  • Google Contacts
  • Installed applications
  • Wi - Fi setups
  • Bluetooth setups
  • Purchased applications

Not supported :

  • Sim - just calls
  • Preferences
  • Settings
  • Texts
  • Application information

To address your 2nd inquiry : the Nandroid restore need to work with an the same phone . Nonetheless, this will certainly not benefit a various phone unless you just replicated information in the backup. Any kind of system information will certainly create troubles on a non - the same tool.

2019-05-09 01:35:12