Just how can I enhance the quantity on my Droid's audio speaker?

I made use of to have an application for my Treo called "Volume Care" that allow me enhance the quantity of my audio speaker past what the manufacturing facility setups permitted. Exists any kind of application or hack that would certainly permit me to push my Droids audio speaker better than Motorola intends to permit?

Modify: I assumed I was clear prior to, yet allow me make clear. I am not seeking simply any kind of volume control application, I have one, I recognize of several, and also think it or otherwise I can looking the marketplace for words "quantity." I am especially seeking a remedy that will certainly permit me to push the quantity out of my audio speaker past that existing supplier set restrictions.

Update: I simply included a bounty so I'll add a little bit extra explanation. I have actually seen applications around that collaborate with HTC phones just. This solution/app/hack has to work with the Original Moto Droid rooted or otherwise, I desire a recognizable increase in the quantity.

2019-05-07 08:35:42
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