Just how can I get my Chrome-synced bookmarks in an Android tool?

I'm making use of Google Chrome and also syncing the bookmarks with the integrated attribute. Just how can I get those bookmarks in my Android tool?

2019-05-07 08:36:51
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As kept in mind here, the book mark sync made use of in Chrome is different from Google Bookmarks. The application that Ivo Flipse recommends functions just for google bookmarks.

There is an application (which I have not attempted) that appears to permit accessibility to Chrome bookmarks called ChromeMarks, yet it isn't free.

The manner in which I access my bookmarks is via google docs : most likely to docs.google.com , at the end of the web page select My Folders , after that select the folder that has the bookmarks you desire. If you intend to make accessibility to this web page less complicated, you can bookmark it in the mobile browser and also placed a faster way on your homescreen.

This will certainly get me by till it is constructed right into the system (see Dan Herbert's blog post for extra on that particular).

2019-05-12 08:50:27

There is presently no other way to do this natively. Android's bug tracker has an open concern for this.


2019-05-09 02:11:30

According to this answer by goblinbox:

The Dolphin mobile browser is intended to have actually constructed - in Google Bookmarks sync capacity.

A choice would certainly be to make use of GoMarks

GoMarks is a application that aids you sync and also handle your bookmarks with Google Bookmarks. Perfect remedy if you on desktop computer usage Google Toolbar, GMarks or any kind of various other Google Bookmarks devices.


  • Background sync

  • Labels

  • Use Menu - > More - > Share web page to add new book mark from Android browser

As Dan Herbert states:

There is presently no other way to do this natively. Android's bug tracker has an open issue for this.

2019-05-09 01:35:26