Weird latency in my cordless link which has "complete bars", mac mini just

I am experiencing weird latency on my mac mini (os x 10.5.6) when I'm utilizing my cordless net. It has "complete bars".

  • It just takes place on the mac mini, out the various other 2 home windows computer systems that get on the very same wireless.
  • It vanishes as soon as I connect my mac mini right into my panorama box making use of ICS. (making use of a crossover wire).

The latency is:

  • ping delays for 3 to 5 secs prior to it runs like regular at 150ms.
  • Filling internet sites delay for 3 to 5 secs after that show up to load generally.
  • Unusually dig does not appear to delay in all, returns causes 150ms.

Any kind of suggestions just how to problem shoot this?


Points have I currently attempted:

  • I have actually have done the typical reboot every little thing cycle.
  • I have actually powered off all cordless adapters in the whole residence. (and also local next-door neighbor is 1/4 mile away)
  • I have actually switched off IPv6 (I have actually never ever had it on)

Various other ideas:

  • Could this be simply the means OS X show cordless signal? (ie. show complete bars when the signal isn't actually that solid)


My cordless router has actually fallen short. I changed it with a new one and also the trouble is gone.

2019-05-07 08:37:55
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Sounds like the concern is with your cordless router. If it has an exclusive "rate enhancing" attribute (usually methods with adolescent names like Nitro - or Super -, or Turbo - ), you need to disable it. Some methods can influence network efficiency detrimentally, specifically on non - Windows equipments. I would certainly browse through to your router config web page making use of an internet browser and also examine it out. Those attributes just function when your network card additionally recognizes the "boosted" method anyways (Eg: if Belkin makes both the router and also the network card).

Are you making use of a solitary cordless router, incidentally? If you have a cordless router linked into a wired router, your trouble can be connected to "NAT over NAT" which you can deal with by establishing among the routers to "modem setting" (AKA "bridge setting" in Apple parlance)

There is all type of points that it could be nonetheless, so you require to inform us the make/model of your cordless router. As soon as we have that, I will certainly assure you a fast google will certainly show great deals of other individuals with the very same concern. In uncommon instances, there are also routers that simply plain do not collaborate with certain cards. Involve consider it, cordless routers are rather economical nowadays, so you could take care of your existing router and also get a new one. Trouble addressed ; -)

2019-05-21 12:10:10

Interesting, due to the fact that a lot of the cordless concerns I've seen have actually gotten on Windows customers (hence my presumption has actually been that Apple is cordless execution is significantly extra trusted and also durable than Microsoft is - software program - sensible, yet additionally equipment - sensible if we are speaking about Dell/vs/Apple equipment). I'll include a couple of strikes and also see if one aids defeat - up the trouble ;):

  • Have you examined if security could be the wrongdoer? (taking it out of the formula and also monitoring would certainly be a means to examine this)
  • If you have Macports, it would certainly serve to run wireshark versus your cordless NIC and also assess the interaction on that particular tool.
  • There is an inquiry concerning Wireless Signal Strength at this Server Fault Page (Might be valuable to attempt several of those devices to assess the range).

You state sounding and also making use of dig.

  • What are you examining versus? (neighborhood or remote?)
  • DNS names ( or IP x.x.x.x)

You've possibly attempted this currently, yet would not injure to delete and also recreate the cordless network from the Airport user interface control board.

2019-05-17 09:22:17

Have you obtained IPv6 made it possible for on the wireless adapter? If so, transform it off.

The hold-ups you're obtaining audio regular with the system attempting to get to the backs making use of IPv6 first, and afterwards surrendering and also falling short back to IPv4.

dig would not do this, due to the fact that by default your resolv.conf will just have IPv4 name web servers detailed in it.

2019-05-12 04:34:54

I would certainly recommend you seek resources of disturbance that share the very same cordless range. Some feasible resources include

  • dect (cordless) phones
  • cordless buzzers
  • child checks
  • remote regulated autos

You understand, the A, B and also G ranges are not simply for WiFi, they are readily available for any kind of low power customer degree radio transmitters. If any one of those tools remain in your town (tip, it could be in your next-door neighbors residence) after that they might be stomping throughout your WiFi signal.

2019-05-11 20:45:29

Reboot your computer system, router, and also wire modem.

2019-05-09 04:25:40

Generally an excellent approach for this sort of network trouble is to transform - out or remove one part sometimes till it functions. Or start with every little thing got rid of and also add parts till it falls short.

After, as recommended over, restarting every little thing, I would certainly attempt

  • Turning off both Vista computer systems
  • Other AP's neighboring? Attempt transforming the network
  • Baby display are evidently infamous - attempt a directional antenna on the AP and also website it to increase insurance coverage for where your computer systems are.
  • Update the AP firmware
  • Make certain the Mini drivers/firmware are up - to - day
  • Try an additional AP
  • If all your network g or combined b/g? If it's all g, set the AP to g just if you can

Do you see the ping delays within your neighborhood network, or to the net? That migh offer an idea concerning where the trouble exists.

2019-05-09 01:35:44