Just how to relocate a window to an additional room without making use of the computer mouse?

I make use of spaces for having numerous desktop computers, yet usually require to relocate a program from one room to an additional.

I recognize the numerous means to do that with a computer mouse:

  • Click-and-hold on the title bar of window and also drag to border
  • F8 to show all Spaces and also drag to wanted area
  • Click-and-hold on the title bar, and also make use of Ctrl+ # or Ctrl+ Scroll Arrow

Yet have actually not had the ability to find a keyboard-only method. I make use of Linux for among my key workstations which has this capacity and also I would certainly LOVE to utilize it with OSX too.

2019-05-07 08:42:19
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You can look at SizeUp, which has actually been advised on apple.se at the very least as soon as prior to - it has some wonderful key-board devices for tossing home windows around numerous displays (as I utilize it) as well as additionally for tossing them around numerous 'spaces'.

It's not free, yet it's really valuable and also absolutely worth the tiny enrollment cost.

2019-05-09 04:19:28

While dragging a window, press key combination to relocate window to phoned number room:

  • Control+1
  • Control+2
  • Control+3
  • etc ...

EDIT : For Lion, I needed to go to System Preferences - > Keyboard - > Keyboard Shortcuts - > Mission Control and also enable these hotkeys.

2019-05-09 02:21:17