Video handling with ATI cards

A close friend of mine will acquire either an 4870 or an 4890 ATI card. He is deeply jealous of the GPU-video handling that is currently readily available on NVIDIA via CUDA with a variety of video handling software programs.

Exists something comparable readily available for ATI? What video handling software programs sustain it? And also does the 4890 existing any kind of substantial benefit over the 4870 for it?

2019-05-07 08:47:29
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Yes, you require to make use of ATI Video Converter, which need to be constructed right into the most up to date Catalyst vehicle driver downloads.

It comes via the Catalyst Control Center, and also according to the blurb needs to have the ability to transcode video approximately 17x faster than CPU alone, as an example one hr of video can be transformed to mobile gamer layout in 12 mins.

Edit: according to a current Anandtech review, it is not great. And also it resembles you require to download it independently to the vehicle drivers.

2019-05-19 21:29:17

ATI Stream (I think is the name) is the ATI variation of this sort of software program. It is not sustained by ATI in all presently. A person might have the ability to upgrade this string when it is sustained.

2019-05-10 23:30:32