Multilanguage Keyboard with Android

Occasionally I key in German and also occasionally in English.

I appear to be just able to activate autocompletion for one language and also need to add words of the various other language individually to the thesaurus.

Exists a far better means for those individuals that are multilingual?

2019-05-07 08:49:06
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Yes, you can do this. Below's just how:

Note : I get on Froyo (Android 2.2), so if you're on a various variation it might be a little various.

  • Most likely to your residence screen.
  • Pick Settings from the Menu
  • Choose Language & Keyboard
  • Choose Android Keyboard
  • Choose Input Languages
  • Select the English and also German Languages
  • Exit out by pushing the Home Key

You're currently set up for German and also English.

Below's just how to examine it:

  • Open the internet browser
  • Tap the address bar to raise the keyboard
  • LONG PRESS the address bar (or message area, whatever you intend to call it)
  • Look at the the room bar : it will certainly have the adhering to : < English >
  • Now SWIPE/SLIDE your finger over the room bar, you'll see it transform to < German >

Once < German > is picked, you're currently making use of the German keyboard. Swipe once more to go back to English.


2019-05-09 02:04:52