Just how do I uninstall a program entirely on a Mac?

I originate from a COMPUTER history ... every single time I intend to uninstall an application, I have to make use of add/remove programs. On the mac, you can merely run a.app documents from any place you desire, and also several claim that the means to uninstall them is merely delete this.app documents.

Nonetheless, I have actually seen that several applications conserve files in the ~/Library/Application Support/ directory site. So when I delete the.app documents, all those files are preserved in the Application Support directory site. Isn't there any kind of means to uninstall an application and also have it remove every little thing it mounted on my hard-drive?

2019-05-07 08:49:27
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Mac World publication of August 2010 has this write-up, they state numerous programs to do this, and also clarify why you need to not rely upon such programs 100%, yet examine all documents they get rid of as occasionally they do what they should not.

Allow me examine the write-up once more and also I will certainly upload the recomendations below.

2019-05-09 05:42:45

Also remember that several applications will certainly include an uninstall alternative as component of their installment plan, either as a different program/script within the.DMG documents or as a details alternative in the installment wizard itself.

So although it could appear counter - instinctive, it's usually worth placing the original.DMG documents (that you downloaded and install) once more, and also looking for anything significant 'uninstall' - you occasionally locate that energy program, vehicle driver - type plans and also huge video games do often tend to include software to tidy - up after themselves.

If I find a number of instances in the next day approximately, I'll modify this to include their names.

2019-05-09 05:38:59

if you desire do it free you can make use of:


and also if you intend to pay a little and also obtain some added attributes make use of:


2019-05-09 01:41:26


AppZapper is without a doubt my favored means to remove an Application and also clean up any kind of linked documents in Preferences or Application Support.

Additionally, below's a pointer. Drag AppZapper to your Finder's toolbar thus. This will certainly after that offer you the capacity to drag applications you intend to uninstall by dragging the application in addition to the the AppZapper faster way in the toolbar.

2019-05-08 06:30:39

AppCleaner right. The substantial bulk of applications on the Mac are self-supporting, which is why there's no integrated uninstall method in Mac OS X. The only exemption to that is plist files - basically simply application choices. These are little message files and also generally irrelevant if left when you remove an application. (Leaving them additionally maintains you application choices if you later on determine to re-install the application.)

Applications like AppCleaner are for perfectionists that intend to absolutely remove every last little an application when they uninstall it (absolutely nothing versus perfectionists, however-- I drop in that camp). Given that all these applications mostly do is pursue these roaming plist files, spending for an application like AppZapper is a little ludicrous. AppCleaner is free and also does the job flawlessly.

Conversely, the automation application, Hazel, instantly locates relevant files when you delete an application and also asks if you would certainly such as to remove those too. It's not free, yet it is very valuable for a substantial variety of various other objectives, so if you would certainly such as to get the various other attributes it gives, you can eliminate 2 birds with one application, as it were.

2019-05-08 02:24:25