Just how to upload a link to an android market application?

You can upload a link to an android market application by useing a link that resembles:

market:// search?q= pname:plan

  1. While surfing the marketplace, is it feasible to locate an application's plan name? Or exists a hassle-free means to get or share a link to a market application?

  2. Exists any kind of means to upload a link to a market application that regular (non-android) internet browsers can take advantage of?

2019-05-07 08:54:19
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This isn't feasible, merely for the reality that with the exception of minority applications that are included on the Android Market website, there isn't a means to surf the magazine of applications from anything yet an Android tool. You can link to the application if it's on the website, and also if it's not your best choice is to see if the writer has actually set up a website for the application.

Google did claim in their IO keynote (31 :08) that they're working with an internet user interface for the marketplace and also demoed acquiring an application in the internet browser and also having it pressed to the tool promptly. It's most likely that that user interface will certainly have the capacity to link to details applications, yet till after that it's not feasible.

2019-05-09 03:02:36

There are a couple of 3rd event internet sites that do allow you surf and also look the Android Market. A lot of these show all the message summary, screenshots, testimonial remarks and also ranking from the marketplace along with having a QR code 2D barcode that you can check with your Android phone to leap straight to that application's web page in the on - phone Market application. Doing a search in any one of those needs to show you the complete plan name (generally in the web page URL along with hidden in the web page).

A few of them (off the top of my head and also in no actual order) are AndroLib, Cyrket and also AppBrain.

2019-05-09 03:01:33