Is it feasible to merge 2 iTunes Store accounts so we can share applications and also various other acquisitions?

My better half and also I each have iTunes on our PCs. Initially, I set these up with different iTunes Store accounts. I was converted that we should certainly do this due to the fact that an email address is made use of for the Apple ID, and also we each have one. I'm assuming since was a blunder?

Below's the trouble: Each people currently has an iPad, and also we're each acquiring applications on our very own accounts and also syncing to our very own PCs. As a result of these different accounts and also iTunes PCs, I recognize we're incapable to share our acquisitions-- which, AFAIK, Apple specifically allows on approximately 5 linked family members tools. (Please remedy me if I'm incorrect. )

Is it feasible to merge or settle 2 various Apple iTunes Store accounts so we can share the applications and also various other acquisitions we've made? (We are wed, so legitimately it is area building anyhow! :-)

Conversely, exists a means we could keep our different accounts yet still sync each others' tools in such a way to get both collections of applications on each iPad? We've currently made some repetitive acquisitions (and also hence threw away some $) and also I would certainly such as to stay clear of that in the future, when possible!

2019-05-07 09:00:21
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Home sharing need to permit you to see each various other's collections over your residence network, and also drag applications from your better half's onto your own and also the other way around. You can most definitely do this regardless of having 2 accounts - my better half and also I have a comparable trouble. You might need to enter both passwords periodically to accredit acquisitions, however.

I located some aid establishing this up from "Activating Home Sharing in iTunes".

I think you can additionally arrange hers by "things I do not have" so you can see what she could have acquired of passion to you, although I'm not exactly sure you can instantly sync them.

This SuperUser inquiry appears to recommend that combining 2 accounts is not an alternative :
Can I merge 2 iTunes Store accounts?

2019-05-09 01:59:48