iPad and also iPod infection?

Every so often my iPad or iPod touch will certainly reroute my to a certain website in Safari. Could this be malware of types that has slipped on my iMac and afterwards my iOS tools? I do not assume it's a popup due to the fact that it takes place randomly.

For the document, the website is www.wordslife.com/index.php


This does not take place on iMac, involved consider it. I'm making use of an open accessibility factor in a suburb (I generally make use of 1 or 2) and also my tools are not jailbroken.

2019-05-07 09:11:32
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If it just takes place on a certain 'open accessibility factor' after that individuals giving the accessibility factor are doing the redirect. By the appearances of the website they are settting a cookie that they can make use of for advertisements and also or monitoring.

2019-05-09 04:56:28

Okay, I assume I've tracked this set down. It isn't a trouble with your iPod or iPad, it's a trouble with the router itself. Its DNS has actually been overwritten to make sure that it arbitrarily (concerning 5% of the moment) will certainly reroute you to among their websites.

Due to the fact that you're making use of somebody else's open accessibility factor, there actually isn't anything that you can do concerning it other than to stop making use of that certain router.

For even more details, see these web pages:

2019-05-09 04:54:02