iMac screen misting up

I leave my iMac (24') alongside the gliding door in the lounge during the night. The door continues to be open, so the air obtains really cool during the night. When I transform my computer system on in the early morning the screen hazes up within, presumable as a result of the cool air inside heating up fairly instantly from the warmth of the LCD.

Exists a very easy solution, or a means to prevent this taking place?

2019-05-07 09:13:13
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Consider the operating temperature levels of the iMac and also see if you're not surpassing the restrictions. Electronic devices can not (and also should not) be run past temperature level restrictions. As high as warmth misbehaves, severe cold is bad either.

As currently recommended, do not reveal your iMac to "really cool air during the night".

2019-05-08 08:10:09