What are some remedies for from another location attaching to an Android phone?

I rest at a workdesk for a lot of the day, and also having my phone (Sprint HTC Hero) resting alongside me is really valuable, yet it can be sidetracking to relocate my emphasis far from my COMPUTER to regulate my phone when alerts can be found in.

What are some excellent remedies for attaching to my phone and also regulating it over WiFi or USB?

I recognize that I would certainly require my phone to be favored a lot of the remedies around, which multi-touch capability would possibly need to go gone.

Keep in mind: I get on a Mac, yet remedies that call for any kind of system needs to be taken into consideration when answering.

2019-05-07 09:13:42
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GTalkSMS (Google Code Project Page) is a choice for android - notifier which persuades XMPP (GTalk, Jabber). It permits you to regulate numerous facets of Android, consists of a SMS/Call/Battery alert and also reply system. Additionaly it has the ability to send and also receive files to and also from your Android tool. There are several various other attributes also.

Making use of XMPP as transportation, the "desktop app" can be every XMPP Client. Which is just one of GTalkSMS large benefits, as it does not require a committed desktop computer application.

Keep in mind : According to the FAQ I need to divulge that I am associated with GTalkSMS. GTalkSMS is an open resource GPL accredited Android application. Every person can add.

2019-12-03 01:38:52

Maybe you need to offer the Android-Notifier over at GoogleCode a shot when making use of a Mac or Linux. The Android-Desktop-Notifier functions penalty when making use of Windows.

2019-05-09 02:24:02

Never also considered this till your inquiry, yet below's what I've obtained functioning rather well - - droid VNC server from the marketplace. Rather fast refresh (as quickly as I'm made use of to on VNC), far better than the SDK screencast or Droid Explorer. Also has http web server assistance constructed in - - actually, I have not examined yet with a desktop computer customer, yet the http/java customer functions all right.

2019-05-09 02:12:57

Yes, rooting is generally (yet not always) called for. The adhering to are some alternatives:

  • Android Screencast : Probably among the extra less complicated and also preferred sol 'n
  • Google Code Project "Android VNC". Need to look for it, I can just upload 1 link at once now ...
  • Droid Explorer : App from Marketplace
  • Android VNC Server : An overview that makes use of a various APK from either sol 'n over

Try them out and also see which one offers you the most effective alternatives.

2019-05-09 01:43:26

PicMe functions remarkably well as a choice to VNC.

I advise utilizing it over Wifi, however. (in contrast to 3g )


2019-05-07 22:18:24