3G Radio Always on When Screen On?

According to JuicePlotter, my HTC Evo's 3G radio is constantly on when the screen gets on-- also when doing definitely nothing. I examined this by transforming the illumination to 1 and also opening up the setups food selection and also simply leaving it there. The screen was readied to never ever shut down. I obtained rather substantial battery drainpipe.

I ask due to the fact that I intend to boost my battery life when reviewing downloaded and install publications with the Kindle application. It appears to me that the radio need to remain in rest setting when not being used. I would certainly instead not switch over to aircraft setting due to the fact that I would certainly still such as to receive calls/texts.

To make clear:

  • I have a solid signal in all times
  • When the screen is off, JuicePlotter claims the radio is off (and also the battery lasts almost for life)
  • When in aircraft setting with the screen on, JuicePlotter claims the radio is off (duh) and also the battery life is better.
  • Android reports that my display screen just eats in between 5 and also 10% of power
  • Android reports that Cell Standby eats 30% (which's with wonderful signal)

I assume these examinations show that the display screen itself is not the trouble, the radio is. So once more the inquiry is: why does the radio usage a lot power when the screen gets on yet it's not being made use of?

2019-05-07 09:14:28
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The radio is not "on" regularly. Equally as in any kind of various other cellular phone, it makes really quick calls to the towers to upgrade its enrollment with the network ; this eats a percentage of power, yet the power monitoring layout of the radio and also the coprocessor which runs it are rather well done, so it can power up the circuity it requires simply enough time and afterwards power it pull back once more. Without that we would not be obtaining multi - day battery life also from straightforward sweet bar phones.

The screen in a smart device itself eats some power, yet any kind of at any time the screen gets on, the application cpu - which runs linux and also android - is additionally mosting likely to get on, which eats a great deal of power contrasted to maintaining the radio cpu signed up on the network yet not proactively trading information. With the screen off and also absolutely nothing holding wakelocks, the application cpu can attempt to head to rest, and also just awaken every couple of mins to make fast checks. That is where your actual power financial savings originates from, and also of course, organizing essentially constant e-mail ballot can transform this.

2019-05-30 21:19:57

With cdma phones the information and also voice make use of the very same radio. Its mosting likely to run regularly anyhow due to the fact that its frequently syncing information, towers, area ... If you intend to stop it without switching off voice you need to switch off the apn. Doing this will certainly not place your radio to rest yet it will certainly lower your power intake. Explore apndroid or fast setups, and also tasker to set triggers and also automation.

2019-05-09 03:31:17