2 Google schedules on my Android (HTC)?

I can access my individual Google calendar.

Can I additionally access my job Google calendar (we make use of Google Apps)?

Can I

  • Merge these 2, yet not share my individual calendar with job friends?
  • Set it up not to receive job e-mails?

MODIFY: HTC Desire on Android 2.1

2019-05-07 09:14:44
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Yes you can add the eMail adress from your GApps account using

Settings > Accounts & Synchronisation > Add Account

Then enter your qualifications and also you can access your accounts eMail, calls and also calendar without instantly sharing details from your exclusive calendar with your coworkers.

Yet you require to beware which account you make use of developing new calendar access from currently on.

Afterwards you require to open your calendar application and also press Menu > Calendar > Select the schedules you intend to see.

If you do not intend to see your job e-mails you can conveniently determine which things you intend to integrate with your tool.

Combining the schedules is not actually essential given that you can watch several schedules in the calendar application.

2019-05-09 03:17:29