Gmail key-board faster way to "select all discussions that match this search"?

You can make use of * a, yet this just picks discussions on the existing web page. I would certainly such as to select all discussions without making use of the computer mouse, IE to delete thousands of e-mails from a details sender.

2019-05-07 09:15:38
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I can not locate a means to do this conveniently without the computer mouse, the "Select all discussions ..." link isn't also selectable by utilizing the Tab key, so you can not navigate it in this way.

I assume the most effective you can do is go on pushing *a, after that #, after that *a, after that # ...

2019-05-09 10:01:19

This isn't actually a basic remedy, but also for scenarios like your instance, you can set up a filter making use of the search, after that use it to existing messages.

  1. Click "create filter" alongside the search switch.

  2. Complete your search standards. You can click "Test Search" to see to it you are just obtaining what you desire.

  3. As soon as you've picked the messages you desire, click "Next Step".

  4. Pick the activities you intend to execute. You will certainly additionally intend to examine package that claims "Also use a filter to n discussions listed below".

  5. Click "Create Filter".

If you do not intend to maintain doing the activity instantly in the future, you will certainly require to delete the filter. You can locate all your filters in the "Filters" tab in your setups. The last one you developed need to be at the base of the checklist.

2019-05-09 01:42:52