On an HTC Evo, exists any kind of means to sync just 'my contacts' from gmail (not 'all contacts')?

I've seen referrals to this uploaded in other places, yet never ever a remedy. I would certainly such as to just sync the "my contacts" team of contacts from my gmail (actually google applications, yet need to function the very same) account, as opposed to "all contacts". I can not locate an alternative to transform this. Any kind of pointers?

2019-05-07 09:17:44
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So this is a full workaround, yet benefited me and also I'll maintain it in this manner till there is a far better remedy. It is an actual discomfort to have contacts upgrading each time you send an email to a person. I as an example, market things on craigslist periodically and also in a 5 day duration obtained and also responded to over 60 individuals, a lot of them supplying some type of overseas work deal scam.yet they all enter my EVO 4G contacts! Aggravating without a doubt.

What I did was this, it took me a half a hr :

Set up a New Account Group in Google called Temporary (name is unnecessary) Moved every one of the contacts that I really did not desire on my phone right into this team Deleted every one of them Deleted the team completely

Then I set my Auto - Sync setups on my mobile phone for call - synchronizes to Manual.

So currently, I have just the contacts I desire on my phone. Not exactly sure just how this will certainly play out as soon as I intend to add contacts, but also for currently my call publication is spick-and-span and also clean.

2019-12-03 02:53:13

I such as to sync all contacts and afterwards in call checklist I pick to just show the ones with contact number. To do this open Contacts > food selection > View > select "Contacts with contact number". Not exactly sure if that is what you are seeking yet is the only point I can locate for a remedy on Evo.

Weird, the instructions below will certainly work with various other Android tools, yet not an HTC Sense tools.

Open contacts > food selection > Settings > Edit sync teams. Select "Sync all contacts", "My Contacts" or "Starred in Android".

For HTC feeling do the adhering to, contacts (individuals) > Groups tab > food selection > Sync Groups.

Keep in mind, on my Evo neither alternative benefited me. I'm running 2.2 and also believe that becomes part of the factor.

2019-05-09 03:47:06

I do not recognize if the Evo makes use of the vanilla contacts and also calling application, yet if it does, it's a 2 action procedure. First, you need to arrange your contacts right into teams in GMail. Including a celebrity to any kind of call on your phone will certainly add it to the "Stared in Android" call team in GMail. This will certainly be mostly for contacts that you desire to sync, yet do not seem like taking into an additional team. For me, these are mostly the contact number of neighborhood taxi firms. Currently, on your phone, open your contacts, struck the food selection switch, and also select Display Options, expand the google contacts, and afterwards start deselecting teams, specifically All Other Contacts. All Other Contacts include all the contacts that remain in My Contacts (included freely by GMail) yet aren't in any kind of teams.

2019-05-09 03:45:03