Just how do I take care of having way too many links on a page as a result of my menu

I am creating an internet site that has a drop-down menu on top of it. The Menu has around 100 links in it that are duplicated on every web page. Every web page additionally has some variety of links listed below the Menu that might or might not remain in the menu itself.

My concern is that Google claims they usually do not such as web pages with greater than 100 links on them.

Exists any kind of means to transform the links on the menu to make sure that they no more "matter" in the direction of my max of 100 links? It feels like there need to be a very easy means to do this yet their actually does not appear to be. the rel= nofollow still counts in the direction of the variety of links on the web page at the very least according to Google, so what various other alternatives do I have?

I checked into where the 100 originates from and also I located that it made use of to be below: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35769#2 yet that is no more the instance. I located an extra clear-cut and also truthfully muddier solution below: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/questions-answers-with-googles-spam-guru from Matt Cutts from 2007.

Lengthy tale short, in 2007 they still really felt 100 links was an excellent number yet they mentioned you can go much past that. Actually, they claimed that web pages with high PageRank can have 2-300. It did seem like having several links can lower the PageRank of the web page with every one of the links or perhaps every one of the things connected to.

Additionally, I recognize IIS7's SEO 1.0 toolkit recommends that web pages need to run out than 250 links.

2019-05-07 09:19:39
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100 links? Whoa. I presume you can ask on your own if you actually, actually require to have all those links in the menu simultaneously.

If you do, can you design a manuscript that just reveals several of them at any kind of one-time. ie You have claim 5 leading menu selections. When the customer's in option 1, show every one of option 1's links, and also fifty percent of the various other options. Simply an idea.

2019-05-09 04:58:48

Well if you intend to hide those links from internet spiders, you could take into consideration filling several of the links making use of AJAX in a window.onload() or DOMReady occasion and afterwards add that HTML to your web page. In this manner the HTML isn't existing when Google creeps your web page originally.

This will certainly mean that those AJAX - filled links aren't obtainable to internet browsers with Javascript impaired, so it's a compromise. May not be ideal for your scenario.

(At the very least I do not assume that Google's spider runs your javascript when creeping web pages)

2019-05-09 04:39:07

Here are some statistics that might be intriguing :

  • Yahoo web page : 128 links
  • Digg.com web page : 250 links
  • Wikipedia web page : 274 links
  • Today's included Wikipedia write-up : 717 links

It's rather clear that great deals of links aren't a massive trouble, specifically if the links are all to web pages on your website. The largest trouble will be the customer experience - can a customer locate what they are seeking conveniently sufficient, and also not get shed in the links?

A far better approach might be to just link to your significant areas and also web pages (~ 30 links approximately), after that have an area menu on those web pages. You can additionally attempt a breadcrumb route menu if your website framework warrants it.

2019-05-08 13:41:31

To me your menu appears pointless. I do not think any person would certainly experience all the links without sobbing.

I actually assume the most effective point to do in your instance is to remodel your navigation, or have a details engineer consider your website.

In your instance I would certainly assume much less concerning Google and also even more concerning users. If you concentrate on making users satisfied Google will certainly be also.

2019-05-08 02:24:55