Can I transform Samsung Omnia WinMobile to Android OS phone

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Can I install Android on my non-Android device?

I have Samsung Omnia I900 among first line Omnia tools on WinMobile 6 OS,
Since phone is currently close to end of its life, Ill like to attempt BOOT Android on it.
Is that feasible, Does exists any kind of tutorial for that.
I as soon as fund one website which got on means too android on Omnia, yet they because time did not have all vehicle drivers for Omnia.

2019-05-07 09:49:44
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The solution seems an of course. Yet we require even more details concerning your phone. Specific version number, service provider, CDMA or GSM, etc The even more details you can be concerning the phone you have the far better.

Commonly the procedure for obtaining Android on a WinMo phone is this, unlock with a personalized bootloader, install a more recent radio (not constantly called for, depends), install a personalized ROM, and afterwards install Android utilizing your recommended method. You gas mileage will certainly differ as the procedure for mounting a personalized ROM varies for each and every phone supplier.

There are 2 major approaches. 1 install HBOOT and also run Android from the SD card and also memory. This is favored by me and also several others due to the fact that it does not interfere with the real phone itself, instead it works on top of your WinMo phone. This suggests you can maintain your WinMo phone in tact and also can conveniently return to it at any time.

2 flash Android ROM over WinMo and also go complete Android. This method is extra high-risk due to the fact that you are blinking an entirely various OS over whatever WinMo ROM you had actually mounted. So there is no very easy means to return to WinMo. You would certainly need to blink a WinMo ROM and also start over to return to it. This method is an extra irreversible Android working on a WinMo phone remedy.

I would certainly advise the 1st method first. After that go from there. Yet directly I never ever blinked Android on a WinMo phone. The various other method was way also hassle-free for me.

I have some web links listed below that need to aid, yet your variation of your phone is mosting likely to be key. DO NOT start downloading and install documents and also running them till you recognize that your phone variation is sustained by the devices you are making use of.

It resembles the i900 and also i910 are well sustained, so if you have among those you need to be excellent to go.

2019-05-09 03:39:13