I desire a cell phone that I can secure DNS settings. Is Android "the one"

It is everything about being the internet boss. I intend to have the ability to secure or password shield the DNS settings to OpenDNS, so I can have a secure smart device, that my child can make use of without anxiety of accessing pr0n or whatever. Any person recognize if this is feasible? I do not intend to make use of an additional method of web content filtering system.

2019-05-07 09:50:21
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When on WiFi you can by hand set IP details, Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi - Fi Settings > Menu switch > Advanced. Mind you it would certainly be really simple for any person to change those settings.

Regarding when attached using mobile, I do not recognize of anyhow to change those DNS settings as they originate from the service provider and also the service provider's towers. I'm rather sure they do not desire their customers transforming DNS settings which can aid them bypass particular constraints they generally have in area.

If it was viable you would certainly require to do some rooting and also hacking of documents. Apparently there are DNS documents that exist and also can be changed, yet I would not advise going this course.

/ system/etc/dhcpcd/ dhcpcd - hooks/20 - dns.conf

2019-05-09 05:19:53

You can transform the dns settings in Android, yet you require to root your phone first:


I do not think there is a means to password shield the dns settings, yet at the very least it would not be noticeable for them to identify just how to transform the settings.

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Of training course, one point you can do to at the very least shield your children while they remain in your residence is to transform the DNS settings on your router. Certainly whenever they utilize your service provider's information network, this will not aid.

2019-05-09 04:14:24