Where are log documents situated on Android?

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How can I view and examine the Android log?

My android (2.1 ) phone (a HTC Wildfire, if that issues ) occasionally restarts without a noticeable factor. Not exceptionally regularly, yet way too much to merely overlook it.
I would certainly claim as soon as every number of days.

It constantly takes place when I'm not making use of the phone, I take it out of my pocket and also am welcomed by the SIM unlock screen, so it's tough to determine the application or solution that is creating it.

I surfed the filesystem a little bit yet could not quickly locate anything like /var/log, so I ask yourself if any person recognizes where logfiles lie, if they exist in all?

Or otherwise to conveniently determine the annoying procedure on my phone?

2019-05-07 09:52:43
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If you intend to check out the log outside the setting of your phone, there is the application LogCollector.

It is free and also it permits you to send/upload the log to/with the program of your selection. I simply send the log using gmail to my residence e-mail account.

It is constantly less complicated to read such log documents on your pc screen, contrasted to reviewing it with whatever application on your (tiny) Android screen.

2019-06-01 04:20:59

How do you recognize your phone has restarted? Even if the lockscreen shows up does not suggest it restarted. Examine your battery statistics, Settings > About Phone > Batter and also consider the up and also awake time. If the phone has actually been up for a long period of time its not likely your phone is restarting on you. Simply examine this after a time when you assume the phone has actually restarted.

I assume you are mosting likely to need to make use of logcat to get logs from an Android phone. If your phone is restarting on you, you can try to run logcat, yet you would certainly need to have logcat running continually to record what is taking place and also making it reboot. This is not really sensible. Yet look listed below for details on logcat.

As opposed to making use of logcat I would certainly attempt simply beginning with a fresh install of Android. If you are rooted I would certainly backup, clean, and also install a ROM from square one. If you are not rooted, I would certainly download and install the most up to date variation of Android for your phone from HTC and also install it. This will certainly clean your phone, yet ranging from a fresh start needs to deal with the reboot concern.

As soon as on your fresh Android install competitive market area and also install your applications beginning with basics just. DO NOT INSTALL any kind of job awesome of any kind of kind. Reboot and also see just how the phone runs for a couple of days. If points appear great after that go on and also install your various other applications a couple of at once. Offer it a couple of days and also continue to the next couple of applications till you locate the application that is offering you troubles or possibly all you required was a new beginning.

Logcat : Install the Android SDK on a computer system and afterwards open a terminal shell (cmd.exe in Windows) and also run adb logcat. On windows it resembles:

adb logcat

Sometimes I need to define the entire course for that command to function. For me it would certainly be:

C :\ Downloads \ evo \ android - sdk - windows \ devices \ adb.exe logcat

You gas mileage will certainly differ relying on where you install the SDK ...

After running that command you will just have the ability to watch what the terminal shell can have or keep in memory. My referral would certainly be to increase the barrier dimension of the terminal shell to make sure that you can record even more details. Advanced coverings could be able to result a message documents, I would certainly attempt that also. If you do not have this alternative simply duplicate and also paste every little thing in the screen to a message documents on your own. In cmd you do this by appropriate hitting, mark, highlight what you desire, and afterwards most likely to the message documents and also paste.

Additionally this is not constantly the most effective course unless you recognize what you are seeking due to the fact that logcat will basically show result of every little thing your phone is doing. So there will certainly be a lots of information created.

2019-05-09 03:22:30

The ideal you can do if you intend to check out the log documents is to install the free Android market application called aLogCat (simply look for it on the marketplace).

It permits you to evaluate, filter for various degrees of log groups as well as additionally to send you a log to your email or wait. Without a doubt the most convenient means to evaluate the logs.

2019-05-09 03:20:00