LaunchBar/Quicksilver as a substitute of Spotlight?

I inquired about the efficiency of spotlight here, as I do not such as the drag that spotlight creates regularly.

What I located valuable in Spotlight is those 2.

  • word lookup : spotlight opens up 'Dictionary' App instantly when it can look words up.
  • look for PDF

And among the solution that I obtained is from 'Dan Ray' claiming "Personally, I disable it for Quicksilver.".

I do not make use of Quicksilver, yet LaunchBar, yet it appears to me that LaunchBar does not seek out the pdf. And also, in addition, it has an alternative to look in Spotlight.

and also My inquiries are

  • Can LaunchBar can do both points? Check into Dictionary, and also pdf search?
  • Can QuickSilver can do both points?

If among the devices can do that, I presume I simply disable Spotlight, and also appreciate the speedup.

2019-05-07 09:58:00
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Answers: 2

Unrelated solution, yet you might intend to attempt Alfred. A proactively created choice to Quicksilver.

2019-05-11 18:57:51

QuickSliver has Spotlight plugin and also Dictionary (which can bring definition from plugin.

The spotlight plugin permits you to look for a string in either Finder, Window or a command window.

2019-05-10 21:43:53