CD does not eject

I have a trouble with expeling a CD. It took place two times in the previous couple of days, CD drive goes away from the checklist of tools in a Finder and also I can not eject a CD that rests inside my laptop computer. I attempted Disk Utility it sees the drive, yet the eject alternative is grayed out. Keying in "drutil tray eject" in Terminal additionally does not generate any kind of result.

2019-05-07 09:59:51
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The first point to attempt in these instances is to reactivate the computer system and also hold back your Eject key or Mouse/trackpad switch while it's launching.

If that does not function, attempt Resetting the SMC on an Intel based mac, or a PMU reset on an older PowerPC equipment, after that attempt once more.

If that falls short, you'll intend to bring the equipment right into an Authorized Service Center if it's under service warranty, or check into less orthodox solutions otherwise.

2019-05-09 04:50:52

I had a comparable trouble with a macbook that had not been able to start up and also I intended to place in the reformatting disk in to attempt and also repair it yet had a stuck CD.

I attempted holding the eject, computer mouse switch, holding numerous switches at the very same time, turning it. What in fact functioned was a pointer I located that making use of action 3 from here

I just stuck a borders gift card into the slot and then gently 
pushed it down on the rotating CD (scary sound). 
It stopped spinning and soon ejected!
2019-05-09 04:36:04